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With a future so bright, you'll need shades.


Streak Sunglasses was established in the summer of 2013 at Sysco Beach in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Even though we are most notably located in the New York city area, That day at Sysco Beach in the glaring sun with poor sunglasses gave us the idea to create high quality sunglasses, for anyone, with low costs that also protect your eyes. Fourteen-year-old Will Kolman, the founder of Streak Sunglasses, has a grandmother that has been diagnosed with macular degeneration, an eye disease that eventually blinds you. Kolman's goal now is to help everyone's eyes from this illness while they hangout in the sun with style. Instead of just collecting all the proceeds, Will has decided to donate parts of the profits to help cure macular degeneration.


Streak Sunglasses, over the short year, has manufactured sunglasses for many companies. From Vineyard Vines to California surf shops to even an Atlanta, Georgia kids basketball team we have done it! With the help of the company we help them produce the sunglasses they always wanted. And now we are ready to not just supply awesome sunglasses to big businesses but to you as well!


As the summer approaches Streak Sunglasses is proud to announce that the online store will open July 4th of this summer. Within our store we will have generic sunglass colors for Aviators (Streak Aviations), Premium Streak, and Top Notches. Each month we will provide a limited edition sunglass specifically for that month's holiday or important event with distinct colors and patterns that we bet you will enjoy! If you collect all limited edition holiday sunglasses you will be rewarded with a special prize at the end of the year! Lastly, we will provide a legendary customization section that has a variety of over 30 sunglass colors to choose from while you are making the pair of sunglasses you have been dreaming of. Each case for custom sunglasses will contain a small screwdriver so you will easily be able to disassemble your Streak sunglasses and put colors from another custom streak sunglass together. The prices are not yet set but we already know are prices will be lower than all our competitors guaranteed.


Streak Sunglasses started out as just a thirteen-year-old boy- selling sunglasses he reassembled out of his garage, and now it has transformed into a real sunglass business for anyone who wants high quality and stylish sunglasses. Stay tuned because your future is so bright you will need shades!

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